Work in Progress
  • “Momentum and Reversal Under Uncertainty,” with Rhys Bidder and Kent Smetters.

  • “A Robust Capital Asset Pricing Model.”

Working Papers
  • “Uncertainty Does Not Vanish in The Small,” with Francesco Girlanda, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci, and Sujoy Mukerji (2016).

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  • “Job Shopping: A Theory of Human Capital Accumulation.” University of Minnesota, Manuscript (2013).

  • “Lumps and Clusters in Duopolistic Investment Games: An Early Exercise Premium Approach.” Boston University, Manuscript (2007), with Jonathan Treussard.

  • “A Study of Inaction in Investment Games via the Early Exercise Premium Representation.” Boston University, Manuscript (2006), with Jonathan Treussard.

  • “Optimal Age-Based Portfolios with Stochastic Investment Opportunity Sets.” Boston University, Manuscript (2006), with Jonathan Treussard.

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